Bearing Fit Adhesive

Bearing Fit EBA641 is a single part, medium strength anaerobic securing compound, designed for fitting cylindrical metal assemblies such as bearings & shafts which will require disassembly in the future. Bearing Fit has a static shear strength of 12N/mm².

Hydraulic Line Sealer

Hydraulic Sealer EBA542 is a tough high pressure seal used on all types of threaded couplings on low, medium and high pressure lines. EBA542 is ideally suited to fit valves, threaded couplings,adaptors, quick disconnect parts, compression fittings and vibration proofing joints.

Pneumatic Line Sealer

Pneumatic Line Sealer EBA577 is a high performance seal and lock adhesive for metal tapered pipe threads and fittings used in air compressors. Ideally suited for use on stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, galvanised metal and other inert metals. Instant seal up to 1,000 psi and up to 10,000 psi when fully cured.

Instant Gasket

Liquid Gasket EBA574 is a ‘form in place’ gasketing adhesive material that replaces cardboard and cork gaskets etc. Assembled parts are suitable for immediate low pressure (6 bar) service and once cured can resist 350 bar pressure depending on the gap size. Ideal for gearboxes, pump flanges, transmission assemblies, cover plates on tanks, cam shaft sealing, bearing gaps, sump assemblies and flange pipe fittings.

Instant Adhesive

Instant adhesive is a rubber toughened instant cyanoacrylate adhesive that will bond many dissimilar materials. It contains nanosphere elastomers giving the adhesive excellent resistance to vibration, shock, moisture and thermal cycling. The adhesive will withstand temperatures between -80°C and +120°C.

Power Adhesive

MultiFix Power Adhesive is a new generation, fast curing, 2-part structural adhesive that will bond just about any material to any material including metals, most plastics, glass, fibreglass, wood, composites, carbon fibre, brick, concrete, stone, gems, and much more. It is not suitable for Polypropylene, Polyethylene or PTFE.

This toughened acrylic adhesive offers many benefits over standard epoxy adhesives. MultiFix Power Adhesive does not require mixing, it can be applied direct from the cartridge ‘bead on bead’. It is also non odour and non flammable which means it is safe to use in just about any environment and will not carry a lingering odour.

Typically MultiFix Power Adhesive will cure to rough handling strength in approximately 3 to 5 minutes at room temperature and will fully cure in just 1 hour. It is available in our unique 12ml cartridge.

Directions for use: Lightly abrade parts to be bonded. Ensure the parts are, dry, clean and free from dirt, oil or grease. Push down red cap firmly on a hard surface to break the cartridge skins. Remove red cap and depress plunger gently with thumb to ensure both components flow freely and equally. Clean cartridge tip with tissue and then apply adhesive ensuring the two adhesive beads flow ‘one on top of the other’ and press or clamp the two parts to be bonded together for 5 minutes. Clean away any excess. For transparent bond lines mix the adhesive for 20 seconds and apply to one surface. Clamp or press firmly together for 5 minutes in order for the adhesive to reach rough handling strength. Full cure is achieved in one hour.


MultiFix Threadlocker is a medium viscosity anaerobic adhesive that cures by the exclusion of oxygen between two threaded parts such as nuts, bolts and threaded recesses.

MultiFix Threadlocker is designed to cut through thin oil films on parts. But for best results parts should be clean and dry before bonding. Strengths up to 12N/mm can be achieved depending on the type of oil and film layer.

MultiFix Threadlocker can be used in mechanical, and automotive applications as well as domestic applications including such simple things as securing the screws that hold the arms onto spectacle frames.

Directions for use: Ensure the parts are, dry, clean and free from dirt, oil or grease. Apply a drop of adhesive to threaded part and screw into place. Handling strength will be achieved in 15 minutes at room temperature and full cure in 24hrs.