MultiFix Threadlocker is a medium viscosity anaerobic adhesive that cures by the exclusion of oxygen between two threaded parts such as nuts, bolts and threaded recesses.

MultiFix Threadlocker is designed to cut through thin oil films on parts. But for best results parts should be clean and dry before bonding. Strengths up to 12N/mm can be achieved depending on the type of oil and film layer.

MultiFix Threadlocker can be used in mechanical, and automotive applications as well as domestic applications including such simple things as securing the screws that hold the arms onto spectacle frames.

Directions for use: Ensure the parts are, dry, clean and free from dirt, oil or grease. Apply a drop of adhesive to threaded part and screw into place. Handling strength will be achieved in 15 minutes at room temperature and full cure in 24hrs.