PROTAPE is an clear acrylic adhesive, extruded into the shape of a tape. It is weatherproof and can be used to join many different materials instantly either indoors or outdoors. It is totally weatherproof and will withstand temperatures between -40°C and +90°C with short term peaks of 150°C.

PROTAPE is 19mm wide, and 2m long. It can withstand up to 5 times its thickness in stretch without deterioration in strength. Typical loads for non critical bonding would be 25cm² of tape per 1kg load. Critical bonding applications 60cm² of tape per 1kg of load.

Directions for use: Lightly abrade parts to be bonded. Ensure the parts to be bonded are, dry, clean and free from dirt, oil or grease. Cut tape to length and apply to one surface. Ensure that even and firm pressure is applied along its length for a few seconds. Peel off the red backing liner. Apply the second surface to the bond line ensuring alignment is accurate and press firmly together for a few seconds along the bond line. 50% of its final strength is achieved immediately. Full strength in 24hrs.